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Who We Are; What We Do


Supporting local business and economic growth in Bridgewater and area in order to serve our community and build prosperity


The Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce will engage its members in ways that will inspire a progressive business climate and contribute to the steady economic growth of the South Shore. Members will contribute to the prosperity of our community as a whole through initiatives and events targeted to the business goals in our area.



We will not favour any specific political party, nor will we be a political organization.


We will be responsible and accountable for the membership’s trust by effectively representing the interests of the membership.


The Chamber will value the work of other organizations in our community that support and enhance the quality of life of our people and will work with these organizations for the betterment of our community.

Members will receive regular correspondence and opportunities to collaborate and network through frequent correspondence from the Chamber, which will foster growth in business engagement.


The Chamber will have a clear vision of the future and will be proactive in representing the interests of the membership and communicating this vision to key stakeholders, decision makers, and the community.

Continuous Improvement and Learning

The Chamber will be an organization that embodies improvement and learning and will be viewed as an organization that is innovative, modern, dynamic and continuously embracing change.

Strategic Direction One – Advocacy

The Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce will be the voice for business on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.
•We will hold municipal, provincial and federal governments accountable for responsible stewardship of public resources.
•We will seek out every opportunity to provide input into public policy as it pertains to business on the South Shore of Nova Scotia
•We will publicly take a stand to represent the best interests of the business community and our members.
•We will be proactive in identifying issues and bringing them to the attention of policy makers and government officials for action.

Strategic Direction Two – Enhancing Membership

The Bridgewater and Area chamber of commerce will increase the membership by 10 percent each fiscal year.
•We will provide the membership of the Bridgewater and Area chamber of Commerce with at least five opportunities to network with other employers on the South Shore during the year.
•We will actively market the Chamber as a benefit to local businesses.
•We will provide a welcoming environment for members and people new to our community.
•We will ensure members and the community are aware of the mandate and work of the Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce by creating and implementing an effective communication strategy.

Strategic Direction Three – Vision

The Bridgewater and Area chamber of Commerce will be and advocate and supporter of the creation of a strategic business vision for the communities we serve.
•We will collaborate with local organizations to create a strategy that reflects and celebrates the appeal for doing business on the South Shore.
•We will be advocates for improved infrastructure that enhances traffic flow and safety for productive business development and implementation in our communities.
•We will support and be advocates for the growth of all sectors of our business communities.